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Guidance for BT/Risk Communicators in Collaborating with Faith- Based African American Communities for Pandemic Flu Preparedness

The following series of videos were filmed at the Morehouse School of Medicine and the University of Georgia with a live studio audience and edited into thematic units. They feature the expertise of those working with and in the African American faith-based community. Wihile the target audience is Georgia’s public information/risk communication officers, we believe the topics and information to be relevant to a broader constituency. You can watch these videos sequentially, or focus on the topics of most interest.

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Introduction to series by Lisa Goodin, MBA, Assistant Director for Communication and Training, Prevention Research Center, Morehouse School of Medicine.

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Part 1: Introduction and brief overview to panelists who work in and with the African American community
This segment introduces two sets of panelists that represent a wide range of backgrounds. The panel sessions were taped at sessions held at Morehouse School of Medicine and the University of Georgia. Panelists introduce themselves and give background information regarding the public health related work they do in and with the African American community.

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Part 2: Understanding health ministry
This segment gives a broad overview of the role health ministry plays in African American faith-based communities and provides examples of health ministry programs being offered at several churches.

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Part 3: Building collaborative relationships between public health professionals and
African American faith-based communities

This segment provides information on strategies and key elements that should be in place in order to effectively work with African American faith-based communities when disseminating health information.

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Part 4: Delivering pandemic flu messages to African Americans via faith-based organizations
This segment highlights message strategies that can be used by public health workers and members of African American faith-based organizations to effectively disseminate information about pandemic flu preparedness and other health topics.

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Postscript: Belen Moran, Georgia State Health and Risk Communicator discusses the importance of risk communicators and public information officers establishing relationships with members of faith-based communities.

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